How do I use Cryptomator without local sync?

Hi there,

I want to backup files (encrypted) only on the remote cloud storage without syncing it. In my case, on Google Drive, but this is not mandatory for me.

Is it possible to achieve this with cryptomator?

The thought behind this is, that I want to long-term backup files (like old photos or work related backups) on a drive encrypted and I can’t find a good solution for that.

Many thanks in advance and cheers, Christian

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You can use to access cryptomator vaults directly on your cloud drive. Then you don’t need to sync the encrypted files with your local storage.


Hi Michael,

that’s a wonderful solution! Perfect! :slight_smile: Thanks a lot.

Cheers, Christian

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I am finding that accessing files via Cyberduck is extremely slow if the vault is too large. I have a 50 GB vault in Google Drive with about 5 layers of folders. I cannot even open my 5th layer to view the files. Is this a Cyberduck issue or a Cryptomator issue? Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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I can’t really think of why Cryptomator’s encryption scheme would impact performance if going deeper in the vault’s hierarchy. Since the hierarchy is flattened, it shouldn’t make a difference if you’re in the first or 100th layer.

You can contact Cyberduck’s support here:

If the performance impact is indeed due to Cryptomator’s encryption scheme, they know how to contact us. :wink:

I’m using Cyberduck for accessing my vault as well. My vault is much bigger that 50GB and hast more than 10 layers. I do not experience any performance issues. But I’m actually on OneDrive for Business with the big vault. Maybe the storage provider affects this behavior too

Tobias and Michael - thanks for sharing your comments and experiences.

I have contacted Cyberduck but haven’t received a response yet.

I have tried Cyberduck and Mountain Duck on both Windows 10 and macOS El Capitan and I have performance issues with both apps and both OSs. The only way I can access my 50GB, GD vault is via Google File Stream on macOS. I used the desktop Crytomator app and open the vault through GFS. However, this only works for macOS and it doesn’t work for Windows 10 (this issue was flagged in

On my android phone, I can access my GD vault with no issues. Performance is quite good.

At this point, I don’t know what I can do to improve the Cyberduck performance.

Does using Cyberduck for direct access (and creation) of vaults still require the installation of Cryptomator?

Like, OP I am wanting to set-up non-sync storage to Google Drive

No, if you use Cyberduck, there’s no need to install cryptomator.

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if you use Cyberduck, there’s no need to install cryptomator.

Cool. Thanks!
Is there a similar method to access vaults via android?

You can access the vault with the android app. It will not make a copy on your android phone (only if you want to copy a file). But please mind that android version has some limits actually. Please search for „android“ in this forum for more details.

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hey michael,
your answers were totally perfect. thankyou:)


Nice. Just what I was looking for. Is there a similar software for Linux?

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Are there reasons to use CyberDuck over Cryptomatoe?

I use both in parallel as I have vaults I do not want to sync local, and I have vault I want to have synced local.

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