[Feature Request] Proper Support for Selective Sync (not Smart Sync)

Hello all,

Cryptomator is an awesome software, but I happen to miss a feature that I would like to suggest.

When using really large cloud drives it’s useful to keep files on the remote drive and download them on demand. Although Dropbox Smart Sync works, such feature does not exist in all drive providers.

It would be very helpful if one could identify the actual folder and file names of the encrypted files. If this was possible, one could explicitly mark the files and folders for selective sync.

In order to achieve this, when the vault is unlocked, the user could be granted access to an index interface matching the encrypted file names to the actual file names.

As a workaround, one can create multiple vaults, but in doing so the vault folder name will not be encrypted.

Best regards to all.

This is related to


Please note, that if you want to access your vault directly online (for selective sync), you can use cyberduck for that.


Thanks for the answer. I’ll follow the mentioned feature requests.

Cyberduck doesn’t seem to be available for Linux unfortunately. I see there is a shell version available, maybe I’ll give it a try.

I think even with Cyberduck, I wouldn’t get a Selective Sync, more like a Selective Copy to my local disk when files are needed. =)