WebDAV URLs of Common Cloud Storage Services

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Could you add Koofr to this list please.
Webdav is their primary protocol. Ive done extensive testing through 1.4-1.5 with this provider, it;s the primary location for my large android vault.

They are very ethical on cookies/tracking

website: Koofr.eu Dav: https://app.koofr.net/dav/Koofr.


done, thanks for reporting

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Would someone please add Degoo to the list?

Degoo does not offer WebDAV support. It is a pure and only backup solution, not a file storage. You can only perform file transfers (backups) with their apps.

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Fyi: pCloud introduced their EU servers this year.
If you use their EU servers instead of the old (default) US servers the webdav address changed (it did not change for US servers!):

Thank you for contacting pCloud Support.

Be advised that you should use a different WebDAV link to connect to pCloud when your account is on the EU servers.

Link: https://ewebdav.pcloud.com
Port: 443
Username: {Your user name}
Password: {Your password}


ICEDRIVE Emailed customers recently, to say WebDav support is being phased out, starting 1 Jan 2021


Icedrive are keeping WebDAV support now, people may like to know.

I’m basing this information on a tweet I spotted here , dated 15th December 2020.

( @overheadhunter )

I’m in Europe but ewebdav gives an error. Webdav.pcloud.com works though.

It should be noted that Koofr requires you to set up an app-specific password for any app you use to access Koofr via webdav

Thanks for the hint!
Added the following note to the first post

  • Koofr and MagentaCLOUD needs an app-specific password when 2FA is enabled.

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Do mediafire support WebDAV? If yes can anyone plese share the url

IDrive don’t have anymore webdav support. This is their answer to my enquiry …

we currently do no have webdav available on any IDrive plan. It was available only for Idrive sync which is now discontinued.

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Thank you for the hint. Have removed the entry from the list accordingly.

Magentacloud moved to a nextcloud based solution in December 2021. The URL changed to https://magentacloud.de/remote.php/webdav and you need to set a dedicated Password to use WebDAV.


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That is interesting, thanks for sharing this information, we changed it in the table.

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FYI, Box WebDAV is back online after months of being down. Many people reported losing access but mine seems to be working again. I would operate under the assumption that it could stop again at any time.