How can a vault set up on "pCloud" under Windows 10 be integrated under Android?

would like to move my cryptomator safe from DROPBOX to pCLOUD.
The creation of a new vault under Windows 10 also worked without any problems. This also applies to moving the data.

The integration of the new safe under ANDROID seems problematic to me. Only Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive and also WebDAV are offered as cloud services. With WebDAV a URL is required, while with Windows 10 only a 5-digit WebDAV port number is displayed.

The question that arises for me is how the new safe can also be integrated under Android.

Hi and welcome,

there a misunderstanding. Desktop and mobile apps connect in different ways.
The mobile apps connect directly to pCloud via their WebDAV interface (URL). The desktop version does not connect to anything. It uses the cloud provider’s sync client. Means: you create your vault local with cryptomator, and then use pCloud Sync Client (or other compatible sync clients) to sync your encrypted vault files to pCloud.
The Port you are mentioning is for the virtual drive. If you choose to use WebDAV as virtual filesystem, you can change the port if you want/need to. Please do not missmatch with the WebDAV connection within the android app.

so you need to connect the android app via WebDAV and enter the pCloud WebDAV URL.

Please note: pCloud WebDAV connection was reported as quite not reliable.