Webdav error when trying to connect to my nextcloud server


I am trying to connect to my android smartphone my cryptomator folder from my personal nextcloud server and I get the error “Webdav could not be authenticated”.
I fill in username and password from nextcloud correctly.
The webdav url is https://mycloud.duckdns.org/remote.php/dav/files/user/

My server runs on ubuntu server 20.04, latest nextcloud version and the ssl is done using let’s encrypt.

Thank you in advance!

Try this WebDAV URL

Does it work?

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If the URL provided by @Michael doesn’t work, you can check if you’ve enabled 2FA in Nextcloud. If so you must create a app password and use this one instead of the user password:


Thank you very much.
I forgot the 2FA. That was the problem.
I created an app password and it works!