Dav or webdav - what to prefer to use and when?

What to prefer to use and when? dav or webdav? Especially when there are multiple operating systems (Linux, Windows, macOS, Android) and also multiple vaults. Could not find that information regarding Cryptomator. By default is dav and I started to use it. Once I use dav - can I switch to webdav? E.g. unmount vault, change to webdav and mount again. May I use dav in one operating system and same vault with webdav in another operating system? Android version says it is beta and may not be reliable? But what is better for Android version? Is this Android version of reliability related with usage either dav or webdav?

I’m not so sure what DAV you’re referring to but if you mean the dav:// and webdav:// schemes on Linux, don’t let that confuse you. It’s all WebDAV. I must admit that I don’t know which one is preferred on Linux, maybe someone else can help out. But since it’s all WebDAV, they’re definitely interchangeable.

Yes, Cryptomator for Android is currently in beta. It has been in beta for many months now and is very stable. But still, treat it like a beta. We’re currently preparing the final version so it’s coming out soon™.

WebDAV in Android has nothing to do with how we’re using WebDAV in the desktop version. WebDAV in Android is one protocol the app supports to connect to a cloud storage service (see common URLs). WebDAV in the desktop version is used to provide a virtual drive/filesystem.

Thank you for responding. I refer exactly as in Cryptomator interface settings under WebDAV scheme pull-down menu is written. In the file manager they will certainly have colon and slashes. But cross-platform compatibility should be there. I just wanted to be sure whether there might be a risk to lock data and make it inaccessible. I and I guess most of people do not have actually multiple copies as in cloud there is already one. Usually there is not much space, opportunities to have multiple copies and what’s the point then to encrypt while in somewhere else is unencrypted and therefore unsecured data. As Cryptomator’s website says - it is reliable and can be used transparently. Despite those issues that are in GitHub.
Well - I then understand that despite default selection “dav” that can be switched at any time to “webdav” or vice versa and everything works across operating systems (including smart devices). Currently the virtual filesystem in Linux works fine - I can open, save files over it.

EDIT: looks like still there are problems with gvfs - everything hangs and I need start over. This makes some processes that were used files over dav, zombies and these cannot be closed in no other way than reboot the computer which is unacceptable. Looks like it might mean that I cannot use Cryptomator at all as I am using Linux.

When I try to reopen the program then it says:

[main] INFO org.cryptomator.launcher.Cryptomator - Starting Cryptomator 1.3.1 on Linux 4.12.11-041211-generic (amd64)
[main] WARN org.cryptomator.launcher.InterProcessCommunicator - System property cryptomator.ipcPortPath not set.
[main] DEBUG org.cryptomator.launcher.InterProcessCommunicator - Connecting to running process on TCP port 43667...
[main] INFO org.cryptomator.launcher.Cryptomator - Found running application instance. Shutting down.

… and I cannot acces to vault unless I do a restart to computer…

It seems that it does not work when to change dav->webdav in settings as WebDAV Scheme. Then just mounting will fail and vault is inaccessible. So it seems that there is better to keep one WebDAV scheme, because later it is quite hard to remember which WebDAV scheme were used while the vault has been created. Certainly it should automatically detect proper WebDAV scheme.

It seems that when to choose webdav as WebDAV scheme then you just cannot access the vault - always “Connecting drive failed” message. Strange. As soon as WebDAV scheme will be switched to dav in settings, the vault will be mounted and everything seems fine. So it behaves under Linux. Probably I should file a bug if it has not already been done by somebody.
For testing there was 64-bit Linux Mint 18.2 MATE with 4.12.11-041211-generic kernel used. Tested also creating vault over sftp onto SSH share. Same issue - with dav works but not with webdav.