Koofr Cloud Storage Supported on Android App?

I recently signed up for a Koofr cloud storage plan and everything is fine using Cryptomator on the desktop but I don’t see a Koofr option on the Android app or any obvious way to add a cloud storage provider not already listed. Is this possible? If not, would you consider adding Koofr support? I am sure there are many new cloud storage providers that come and go and supporting them all might be a hassle and/or not worth your effort, but just thought I would ask.

Koofr does support WebDAV, see:

That means you can use the WebDAV cloud connection in the Android app to connect to it.

Thanks! Got it sorted. I did need to generate a special password to use for the Android app, even though I am not using 2FA (yet). In another thread someone mentioned needing to do that for 2FA but seems like you need regardless now. In case anyone else sees this thread, you can find the relevant Koofr help page at:

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Thanks for the feedback, just added it to our list

  • Koofr needs a separate app password for WebDAV access.

and I’m glad that it works now :slightly_smiling_face:

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