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Hi. I have recently moved to pCloud and not wanting to pay for the Crypto service in pCloud, I’ve opted for Cryptomator instead. Works like a charm on my desktop. But when I purchased Cryptomator for my Android phone, I noticed that it didn’t have the option for a pCloud vault. Is this something that is in the works? It means I can’t view any of my private files in pCloud on my phone.

The mobile apps offer WebDAV connections.
And pcloud does also, like the most online storage providers.
One year ago pcloud had issues with their 2fa. If they haven’t fix it by now, you’ll have to turn it of to establish a working WebDAV connection.

Please read this thread (it’s the same for android) and/or search the board for „pcloud“


Pcloud do still have a webdav at webdav.pcloud.com. It still does not support 2fa, and there’s little hope as they don’t even support 2fa on their Public API! Also there’s really very little support or documentation on it. IMO Its slow and unreliable, so much so i’ve actually moved my mobile vaults to another provider.

On Pcloud you will be able to access your vaults from mobile , but don’t expect too much speed or reliability there.

That worked! Thanks. Bit slow, as was mentioned. But I suppose Cryptomator might have an explicit pCloud option in a future release - or not, since pCloud have their own crypto vault feature. I still think it’s easier to trust a system whose only function is to encrypt/decrypt locally, rather than an overseas cloud service. So maybe others will, too.

It looks like something has changed recently.

URL: https://webdav.pcloud.com

Was working a week ago but is no longer. I’ve tried this on both my Android phone and iPad. I just get a message “An error occurred”

Same issue here, using standalone non-google play paid version. no longer able to connect it with my android device (error occurred). Desktop versions in my case linux still working brilliantly aside from obvious speed throttling from pcloud I guess.

But in conclusion I believe it is 100% pcloud problem, they have likely changed something as I also use webdav access to it with 2 other programs which also now fail to work.

Weirdly MiXplorer a file manager for android natively supports pcloud as you can choose pcloud from a list of pre-configured services to connect and this still works. (Connects via https://my.pcloud.com)

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@quiversky or @b3pio can you please enable debug mode and send us the log file to figure out what is happening? How do I enable debug mode on Android?

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Pclouds webdav implementation is one of the most unreliable i’ve used. It’d fail 1/3 of the time on synology backups for no apparent reason. There’s very little support for it- its not even documented on their website. It always seems to path to a USA server, never the new Amsterdam ones. I think the only official “advert” for it was on their twitter a few years back!

It might be worth asking Pcloud if something has changed, although responses could be varied (im not sure all their support workers even know the webdav exists!)

@SailReal If pcloud keep growing at the rate they have been, it might be worth looking at their API in the long term.

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Exactly. I was going to say the same thing, both MiXplorer and Solid Explorer allow you to connect to pCloud storage through my.pcloud.com with 2FA authentication enabled.
I’m not sure if something similar could be implemented in Cryptomator.

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