Connect to Pcloud on IOS


Hello, who could explain me How to connect Cryptomator to PCloud? Is it with WebDAV ? If yes, how to fill it ? Thanks and sorry for my english, I am french…


Yes, it’s via WebDAV. You can find the correct URL you need to enter in the app settings for various cloud providers (including pCloud) here:


Thank you for your answer but I’m not sure if I understood what was the username and the password to enter, is it the Cryptomator or Pcloud account? Also, I have to try with the different URLs that you propose? Thank you


Just use this URL with the credentials (username and password) to your pCloud account.

After that you can locate the vault and open it using the password of the vault.


Pcloud recently implemented Two factor authentication. This has to be disabled to use WebDAV Cryptomator link, otherwise you will not be able to log in.


Not sure how it works in pCloud, but usually providers that offer 2FA have some means of generating an “application-specific token” that can be used instead of the password. This way you can enable 2FA but stay compatible with existing authentication mechanisms.


Hopefully this is the case for Pcloud in the future, but right now the 2fa breaks even their own applications, including Firefox and Chrome save plugins, and their open source console client. Right now it only works well with their official mobile and desktop apps. Cryptomator currently works fine with the 2fa off, but their WebDAV implementation isn’t near the reliability or speed of their Fuse or CBFS based official clients.


In any case, impossible to connect …