Last Call for Cryptomator 1.6.0

Hey community,

We’re rapidly approaching the final release of version 1.6.0. :tada:

Among many others, it adds major new feature like an integrated Health Check, a plugin API, more user friendly error reporting and VFS improvements such as autolock. For those of you interested in the details, our recently published blog post should have you covered.

Furthermore, it introduces a new vault format. No worries, only two files get touched. But nevertheless it paves the way for major new features revolving around the key storage, from hardware tokens to SSO.

You can find our latest release candidate on GitHub. We use this version ourselves on a daily basis already and strive to release the final version next week. To do so with confidence, we’d love to hear your valuable feedback in the comments below. Thank you! :heart:

Also, here is a quick poll to record your upgrade experience:

  • No problems at all :star:
  • Just minor issues that I could solve myself :wrench:
  • Some problems that should be fixed eventually :beetle:
  • Major problems that forced me to downgrade :arrow_double_down:

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If you’re on Linux, you have the following options test the release candidate:

My vault is still broken in Cryptomator software. I had to use Cyberduck to rescue my files and right now I’m working out of a veracrypt album. It never gets assigned a drive letter.

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