Does Cryptomator for Android in version 1.6.0 still supports S3 compatible clouds

was there the feature of using s3 compatible cloud storage lost in the new release? I did use wasabi with version 1.5.18 and was very happy.

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I assume you’re talking about the Android app? What exactly means s3 compatible cloud storage is lost in the new release? You should still be able to use it.

yes I’m talking about the android app. In version 1.5.18 it was possible to use and as a cloud storage in the app since they support s3. The 1.6.0-alpha1 still had this feature and it was lost at the 1.6.0-beta1 release. You can see the difference in the screenshots below. Is it planned to ad this feature again for the next releases?

Only Endpoint and Region is now spitted.

See e.g. Backplaze about this topic :


To find the S3 Endpoint for your account, navigate to the Buckets page of your Backblaze account … In the area for your bucket, you’ll see the S3 Endpoint listed.


Region is the 2nd part of your S3 Endpoint

Some integrations may need you to specify the region. The region will be the 2nd part of your S3 Endpoint. So if your S3 Endpoint is , this means your region will be us-west-001 .

We split it as this makes it more resilient for other S3 compatible storage’s that doesn’t follow this pattern.

Thank you for the fast answer. It is working now as you discribed. And thanks for the nice app :slight_smile:

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