Vault Format 8

Hello Community!

We’d like to give you some information about an important part of the upcoming 1.6.0 release: The new vault format in version 8.

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Will this enable the ability to use 1Password secrets automation with Cryptomator?

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I’m just here to ^^^ what @ncFoCo asked :slight_smile:

Thanks for the work, this update deserves another contribution!

Conceptually yes, but someone needs to write a library for it.

Technically, the library needs to provide a Java service implementing the KeychainAccessProvider of the integrations-api. A good example for it is the keepass plugin mentioned in the 1.6.0 article, section “Plugin API”:

When is the cli getting updated?

That is also an important question of mine! ;-/

I am a little bit bewildered that the CLI isn’t updated alongside the main software, I had this very problem already in the past when vault format 7 got introduced.

The CLI is the key part for any local cloud solution which wants to take advantage of backing up everything to any external cloud platform in a safely encrypted way, so with every vault change such users hit a dead end if the CLI is kept that separate /wrt to updates.

Is there anything I could do about that?
In particular: is there any documentation available how CLI and main program correlate (source-wise) so that I could help myself?

I’m just about to setup my cloud back anew so I’d really prefer to not have to resort to an outdated vault version and, hence, also outdated applications on my mobile clients which shall be able to access the vaults directly, too.
(avoids looping data through my internet access if not necessary, the same time keeping the data up-to-date in my local cloud)

The CLI was always only a side project for the Cryptomator team and is mainly community driven.

Hence, we explicitly state in the projects README:

This project is in an early stage and not ready for production use. We recommend to use it only for testing and evaluation purposes.

If you can write java code, you can start implementing format 8 support. We are always happy if someone from the community picks up some work and support you for the technical details.

They don’t correlate. They use the same libraries, but are two seperate projects. Of course, parts of the GUI app can be used as a template to implement features in the CLI.

The mobile apps support older vault formats down to version 6, so you don’t have to worry about using outdated apps.

Hmm… that’s a bit shortsighted I think. It is very hard to do builds for all platforms people would like to run Cryptomator on. Having a simple .jar that runs on any platform Java runs - like the Cryptomator/CLI solves that issue.

Example: Currently you are missing builds for Linux on ARM. This means Cryptomator cannot be run on e.g. Raspberry Pis which play a bigger role in the educational sector.

Same is true for Windows on ARM, etc.

Couldn’t you put feature requests like this up for funding through the community? Set a funding goal and if donations reach the required amount, you commit to deliver the given feature.


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FYI: The CLI is updated to support now Vault Format 8, see

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