Vault still broken - Have to use Cyberduck

My vault is still broken in Cryptomator software. I had to use Cyberduck to rescue my files and right now I’m working out of a veracrypt album. It never gets assigned a drive letter.

By “still broken”, you’re implying that mounting a drive didn’t work with any previous version either.

If it’s not related to 1.6.0, this is the wrong thread. We’re happy to help in our help category if you tell us what exactly is your problem, though.

I mean, I’m in the thread with 1.6K views with a title describing my exact situation with one suggestion describing something I’ve already tried. I consider it, “still broken” ie no workable fix has been suggested, unless I missed it. Which is totally possible. Just curious if I’ll be able to recover it at all using the original software I used to create the archive. It might be helpful for others to know about a solution to getting their locked data back (cyberduck, it’s free), if this is still not working for them. But perhaps I have misinterpreted the situation. I think that happened to me once before, maybe twice. But never thrice (ha!) Jk mate, trying to help.
Honestly I’ve ditched Dropbox and moved to Tresorit. It’s better in some ways, not in others, If only Dropbox didn’t have direct access to my data, then it could be an option, without additional encryption. Oh and Dropbox gets worse by version. I’m not convinced eventually they’ll just lock all files and charge people to unlock them for an extra recovery fee. They’re shady af.

Well this thread is about upgrading from 1.5.x to 1.6.x and whether upgrading causes problems.

I moved you two to a new thread, because, as @overheadhunter was saying: The previous one was all about the 1.6.0 update - nothing more, nothing less.