Cryptomator CLI: Update to Vault Format 7

Hello Community,

Today, we released an important update of the CLI to support vault format 7. :tada:
Now it is also possible to access your vaults on ARM machines again!
The only requirement for usage is that at least JDK 11 is installed on your system.

About the Release

From the point of changes, it is a very small release. To switch the supported vault format from 6 to 7, actually only the dependencies of the CLI needed an update. As you might already noticed from the phrasing, it also means that from version 0.4.0 only vault format 7 is supported.

Because some people depend on the CLI and already updated their vaults, we wanted to release it as fast as possible and therefore this release does not contain any new features (like FUSE or Dokany support) or enhances the CLI in any way. A bummer, we know, but there are other plans which might be soon implemented.

Cryptomator CLI Binary

You might think: “Wait, the CLI project is a Java application. And these run on the JVM, hence one cannot make a binary.” But you are wrong :smiley:. There is an awesome project called GraalVM, which offers a way to pack Java archives into native binaries. If our planned experiments turn out good, the JDK dependency is effectively removed and you only need to download the executable to run it.

Best wishes,
The Cryptomator Team

P.S. We are always looking for contributors. Since the CLI is not our main focus, we’d be happy to see open-source contributions. Feel free to create a PR on GitHub if you’d like to see a missing feature implemented!

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