Cryptomator without GUI

I am quite new to Cryptomator and I think it is amazing! I just want to know if there is the possibility to run cryptomator on computer with graphical interface so by command line. I would like to run it on my server as well.

I saw that exists a cryptomator-cli repo on github that I have tried but it seems to be not compatible with the new cryptomator version. Am I right?

Thanks for your help and hard work

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Hi dd

You are correct, Cryptomator CLI has not been updated to support the new vault format.

Hopefully it will see an update in the future, at the moment the developers have been very busy finalizing and improving 1.50 desktop and mobile apps.

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FYI: Cryptomator CLI: Update to Vault Format 7

The Cryptomator CLI is now able to open vaults of vault format 8, see

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