Windows firewall has blocked some of the features of this program

Hi guys, I’m talking about the old 1.5.17 on Windows 7. During the installation, I got the warning from the Windows Firewall and this option was pre-selected “Allow Cryptomator communicate on these networks: Private networks, such as my home or work network”. Is this just for the updates, which I specifically don’t want, as I must stay on 1.5.17? Or is it to create the virtual drive? I’m showing “Dokany” as the Volume type in the Cryptomator settings. In other words, can I disable this rule? Or do I need it?

Just speculating, but you might be out of luck running on Windows 7 and Dokany.

Have you tried temporarily turning off the firewall and retest to see if it works? Perhaps there is a 3rd party firewall that will work.

Here is a FREE Windows 7 compatible, 3rd party firewall:

Good luck.

See here: Why is Cryptomator contacting an external IP address?

Yes, I did read it before I posted. I always do my best to do so and not waste anyone’s time. But I just wasn’t sure. So I removed the permission from the Win 7 Firewall. And tested every scenario that I could think of between Win 7 and Fedora 39. And everything seems to work fine, so far. And just to confirm, “Dokany” is the only type of virtual drive that’s even showing for me on my Win 7.

I think you’re using a version of the software that is a bit older correct? Probably a release prior to when fuse was incorporated into the installer. Here is a link to kryptonator documentation that will explain this and how to separately download fuse for windows.

Yes, I have one Win 7 machine, which I have to keep. So I went with 1.5.17 on it and 1.5.17 AppImage on Fedora.

since Cryptomator 1.5.9 you can try a new virtual volume provider: WinFSP

Given that my 1.5.17 is more recent than 1.5.9, do I assume correctly that installing WinFSP would work for me? Also, judging from their FAQs, it appears that WinFSP should work on Win 7. Am I right on both counts?

The Win 7 one is an important production machine, I can’t afford experimenting with it too much, hence my cautious questions.

I can’t guarantee that nothing will go wrong.

The only thing I can recommend is if you have a copy of the windows 7 software you can create a virtual machine using virtual box and install Windows 7 and then install the cryptomator software and you won’t be using your production machine and you’ll be able to see if it works.