Why is Cryptomator contacting an external IP address?

we are testing before working productively:

When generating a new vault/opening cryptomator, our firewall notifies us oft he follwing:

  1. Cryptomator.exe is trying to contact (TCP, port 443)
  2. Cryptomator then contacts (TCP, port 55536)
  3. Cryptomator then contacts (TCP, port 55566, 55602, 55618,56208,56251,56271 as well as 56278 and so forth)

As you correctly advertise “No backdoors, no registration”, many users would appreciate if you could explain why these (especially external) IP(s) (i.e. are contacted.

It would be great if you could precisely elaborate on this, because -after all- the aim of using cryptomator is to secure data :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot.

Cryptomator is checking for updates, see cryptomator/ui/controllers/WelcomeController.java#L115.

You can deactivate the update checker in the settings.

I’m honestly not exactly sure about the other ports because the default port for the localhost WebDAV connection should be 42427, see cryptomator/common/settings/Settings.java#L31.

WebDAV is used to provide the virtual drive, see Security Architecture (Virtual Filesystem). This will change in the future because we’re going to use Dokany, see GitHub Issue 207.

The only thing that I can think of right now is that the InterProcessCommunicator may cause these warnings. It’s there to check if another instance of Cryptomator is running. But I always assumed that the port is actually a file. Maybe @overheadhunter knows more about that.

Thanks. Would be great to have some details here.
Also, another security related topic: Cryptomator leads to new network device. Risk of exposure?

Dear @overheadhunter , do you or anyone from Cryptomator’s team have any security-relevant explanations for these IP Adress behaviour?

To enhane trust it would probably be wise to make this clear to all users.

@tobihagemann already explained everything. is the former ip address of the server hosting the update check file. In the meantime the server’s ip changed to

All ports above 49152 are dynamic ports assigned by your operating system for local inter-process communication.

So what is it that you consider unanswered?

Thank you. In fact, we now have contacted, which we understand is the update server.
THat is clarified. Thank you.

SO why is cryptomator contacting via multiple TCP ports, not only above port 49152, but also in the lower trange, i.e. 42427?

This has been answered here:

To summarize:

  • outgoing connection to update server on port 443 (can be disabled via settings)
  • incoming connection on 42427 for WebDAV clients (strictly bound to localhost only)
  • in- and outgoing inter-process communication on system-assigned ports (above 49152)
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Thank you very much. Clarified.