Very slow at the new Version



Since the version 1.40 the load of the container is very very slow, it is so slow that i cant copy a file in the tresor. Is it about the new Dokany, when i load it as webdav it is the same.
Is something wrong at my system or is it the new version. because for the update it work all fine

thx for help


same here! Using Window 7


Regarding Dokany: Dokany has currently a reduced performance because it has only one single Worker to handle the actions taken on the vault. This will be improved with the next 1.4.1 release. (The related github issue report is here)

Regarding WebDAV: It was never super fast, but it should have a reasonably speed.


same here! Using Window 10 at 2 Workstations.
Very slow - im Using now 1.3.4


Same situation here
Working on all desktops with Windows 10 built 1803, latest patches.

If you upgrade to 1.40 and use dockany then systeem is EXTREEMLY slow and NOT workable !!
HUGE CPU utilisation !!!

Opening an excel file and saving the changes NOT possible …
I reverted back to version 1.34 with webdav and evererything is fine again . …

please check v1.40 what’s happening !
A happy Cryptomator user below version 1.40 :-):grin:


you know, you could simply change to WebDAV in the settings dialogue and benefit from other improvements :wink: