For Version 1.4.0 and higher: Is it Dokany or just me? (or maybe Cryptomator :-P)

Hey folks,
due to the questions and problems appreared through to the 1.4.0 release of cryptomator, i wanted to share a little manual to test if Dokany is correctly working on your Computer. If the following does not work its highly probable that either dokany or your computer has a problem.

This manual contains some work with the terminal. Just insert the given command and hit enter to execute it (probably you must fit the command in an easy manner)

Side note: This is not about performance.

Just follow these steps and see if this is working:

  1. Uninstall Dokany (yes, because we need some additional features (; )
  2. Restart your computer
  3. Install Dokany again: In the dialogue where you can select the features to be installed, select all of them.
  4. Open the powershell/terminal
  5. Navigate to the dokany installation directory: type into the terminal cd C:[1] where [1] is the path where dokany is installed (standard is C:\Program Files\Dokan\DokanLibrary-1.2.0\)
  6. change of current directory: cd sample\mirror\
  7. Execute the Dokany mirror example: .\mirror.exe /r [1] /l [2] /w
    where [1] is the path of a test directory of your choice
    and [2] is the driveletter where this dir is linked to (e.g. .\mirror.exe /r C:\test /l K /w)
  8. Look into the file explorer if you can see and access the drive letter K
  9. navigate into K and see if the files of your test directory are shown
  10. terminate the program by clicking into the terminal and hit CMD - C (never forget this step!)

If step 8. & 9. could executed without problem, then Dokany seems to work. If not, there is a problem on your computer.

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