Office Upload Center may interfere with saving to Cryptomator drives



Please note that because of Cryptomator providing the virtual drive via WebDAV, Office Upload Center 2010 will assume Cryptomator files are on a network drive. If you have “paused uploads”, it will silently fail to save files to Cryptomator and they will remain in Office cache unencrypted instead.

E.g., this resulted in Excel displaying a small message on the application status bar when trying to save to Cryptomator drive while uploads paused. But exiting Excel doesn’t show any dialog boxes or other signs that anything is wrong.

Then it’s possible to lock the vault in Cryptomator. Upon unlocking it and reopening the file, it would have lost all the changes.

Personal notes: After discovering the Upload Center alert, I saw all my save attempts sitting in Office’s upload cache on the local drive. Took me some time to get to the bottom of this as the “uploads paused” message is not very noticeable.

Notes from developers: If you’re using Office 2016 and having issues with Upload Center, make sure that cryptomator-vault is set inside your hosts file. See this known issue for more details. Compatibility with Microsoft Office is the main reason, why we’ve added this entry in the first place. In our experience, this little trick bypasses Office Upload Center altogether.

Can't open Microsoft Office Word documents in vault
Office 365 reagiert nicht beim öffnen der Dateien - Windows reagiert nach einiger Zeit auch nicht mehr
Can't open Microsoft Office Word documents in vault
Files size to 0 KB
Urgent ! Cannot open excel file stored in vault!
Microsoft Office Upload Center
Cryptomator Office365 offline kein Speichern möglich
Office Files Do Not Open
This file has been renamed. We recommend saving it now to retrieve the name

Starting with version 1.4.0-beta2 we now have an alternative to WebDAV. The virtual drive can now also be mounted via Dokany.

I suppose I don’t need to remind you to make backups before testing beta software. :wink: