Is there a maximum vault size?

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is there a maximum file size you would recommend for a tresor on a google drive?

I use cyberduck to access the vault directly and I push a lot of data into it. So I’m wondering, if this might be a problem at some more GB or TB or so … what do you think?

Thanks and Cheers, Christian

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Due to the developers, there’s no difference between large vaults and small vaults. Mine on OneDrive is actually about 600gb and I don’t have any negative experience or performance issues.

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That sounds very good. So just pushing more data into the vaults should be no problem … great.

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Each file is encrypted individually, so that’s what probably helps.

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Some additional and more detailed information on this topic:

In general there is no limit on the size of a vault in bytes or number of files. Performance will not suffer significantly when using large files. Directory listings may get slow when listing directories with many files (1000+). Especially on Windows such amounts cause problems when navigating regular non encrypted directories as well.

In addition some cloud providers impose limits on the files / directories and those apply to Cryptomator as well.

An example
If a cloud provider does only allow 1000 entries per directory Cryptomator will have such limit too. In addition such thing would effect the overall count of directories a vault may contain. Directories are randomly placed inside 1024 containers by cryptomator. For a limit of 1000 entries per directory a vault may only contain around 819000 directories overall before Cryptomator may not be able to create some directories.

There exist some other theoretical limits but those may never be hit. Two examples (including rough estimates):

  • Maximum size of a file: around 9 Exabytes; Storing around 270 such files would deplete the storage capacity on earth anyway
  • Maximum number of directories in a vault: 1045; If all atoms on earth would be used to form a giant harddrive this still could not hold just the names of those directories

I just created a new vault mith my windows desktop client. The data is located on my NAS. There is 1,73TB of free space on it atm. But the network drive cryptomator created says 68 of 208GB used. I would like to add another folder (180GB) to it and windows won’t let me, claiming that there is not enough free space.
Whats the reason for that problem and how can i fix it if there are no limits, like you posted here?

See here the reason for this.

Ah, thanks for the info. Although I have no idea how that workaround could work because I use nothing but tera copy and it gives me the same error message, but I will just split up the data in several batches … that should work.
Thanks a bunch :slight_smile: Hope this will get fixed soo :stuck_out_tongue:

Cryptomator 1.4 comes with FUSE support in addition to windows WebDAV. This should fix this. There’s an alpha out actually which you can try. But be careful. It’s alpha and therefore not final tested and may contain bugs. It’s not recommended for use with critical data on a productive environment.

Looking foreward to it’s release. Not going to use the alpha though … I would be ruined without that data ;D

I have cryptomator 1.4 and Dokany installed on Windows 10. It does not fix the issue with continuing to look at the C drive for space available…

I can not reproduce this on my Windows 10 System.
If I switch to Dockany, the available space of the partition where the vault is saved is displayed.
If i switch to WebDAV, the system partition is displayed.
So it works on my side.
Please check if you have configured Dokany in the Cryptomator Settings.

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