Size of Vaults and multiple simultaneous accesses to the same vault in a NAS/Cloud Combination

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I actually have multiple questions for a concept that I would like to run at home. Situation is as follows: I run a Synology Diskstation NAS and a cloud storage with WebDAV access. My plan is to have all our family data in a vault on the NAS, which means that a. the data in the vault may exceed 1TB as it contains images, videos and documents, and b. that multiple computers may access the vault simultaneously. It is unlikely that 2 computers try to access the same file simultaneously, but they will all work in the same vault. The synology NAS is then synchronizing the vault into the cloud. If one of the computers does not have access to our home network, i.e. to the NAS, I’d like to enable Cryptomator to access the vault on the cloud storage via WebDAV directly, so that I can work on my files from anywhere. This way I allways have a backup in the cloud, in case my NAS breaks down.


  • Is there a critical vault size I should not exceed, for whatever reason, e.g. performance? Or is there a general max vault size?
  • Is multiple simultaneous access to the same vault feasible?
  • Does the above mentioned scenario feasible from your perspective, or is there something that I have not taken into account?

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Hi and welcome. This is all been answered in this board multiple times :thinking:.

No and no (see in #kb this post)

Yes (See here)

Yes and yes (my point of view)

If you work on your cloud files, then it’s not a backup. You should consider to backup your files anywhere in addition to your setup. I personally would choose a backup strategy that does not involve Cryptomator.