Reasons for splitting and organising vaults

I have used Cryptomator for a number of years now with no problem. I created a single vault called ‘Encrypted’ as a test and have ended up putting all my files there. I have never had a problem and reading through this discussion, there appears to be no technical limits on the size of vaults. However, I wondered if there would be any other ‘soft’ reasons for splitting and organising vaults in other ways. Presumably sharing vaults with other people? Others?

I splittend my vaults because I do the sync to the online storage not with the storage app, but with a 3rd party app (for some files). So I do not have to sync all my data. Eg if I only have new pictures, I do not have to sync all my documents.
Further more I do have vaults that I only manage online via cyberduck. These are also splittend because of the same reason (the cyberduck sync is awful slow in my setup).
As there is no user management in Cryptomator, I would also split my shared vaults, so I do not have to grant access to an other person for all my files.

And last but not least I have a backup of my backup for really, really critical files (I know I’m paranoid). These files are also in a separate vault.


Not only sharing with others but also with yourself. What I mean by this: You might want certain data to be accessible via your smartphone but have limited cloud storage space on your favourite (read “most reliable”) cloud storage provider while your can cope with less ubiquity for other chunks of data.

Another thing to keep in mind is: Should your password of a single huge vault leak, all your data gets compromised.


I tend to seperate my vaults into “Cold Storage” “Active” and “Mobile”

The cold storage tends to be large files, eg zip files of data - i’d only need to recover if i had a local NAS and backup drive failure. Theres no reason for this vault to be unlocked in normal operation.

The “active” vault is files I work with day-to-day, small files, regularly changing. I work with these locally and tend to rsync the data to cryptomator regularly. Most of the files here require desktop software eg Libreoffice.

The “mobile” vault is files I require access to on my phone and desktop. The android app is great for photos due to the inbuilt viewer, and text files with the simple editor. (not exposing files to the underlying OS) . I really don’t trust the Android ecosystem, or 50 percent of the bloatware i have to use day-to-day, so it’s a handy buffer to transfer stuff from mobile without giving the phone LAN access.