Cryptomator app without Google Play

We are currently implementing one of the most desired feature: Purchasing Cryptomator without Google Play Store :tada: .

Soon you will be able to download the app from our website and purchase a license to activate it.

You can activate the license by clicking on a link after the purchase or by copy and pasting the content into the dialog.

Updates will be automatically downloaded and installed in the app itself (of course with your permission).

Stay tuned for more information.


Brilliant news indeed!! My question is: Can I transfer my license I have bought in the Play Store, as I no longer use a device with play services.

@SailReal Any news regarding this?

No, licenses are created by independent systems. There is no API we can use to look up if an app has been bought via Google Play.
The new license store is only suitable for new licenses. For bulk purchases feel free to contact us.

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Many users who try to avoid Google Play use F-Droid instead, sometimes with their ROM trusting apps installed and updated through F-Droid without needing to enable “install from untrusted sources”. So is there any chance you’ll be offering a f-droid repository (see here for details)?

Yes, eventually. But we will start with a download option for the .apk on our website. To publish on F-Droid, we need to push the UI to GitHub, first. This will need some more adjustments such as removal of API keys.

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Hello. If you use Google Play Family Library, you can share the app with 6 people, so it would be nice to be able to issue a family license with one purchase as well.

What a wonderful idea !!!

F*ck off Ggle P,

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