Can't update without buying


I run LineageOS (android) on my phone and install apps via Aurora store (I don’t want to use google store). I installed successfully Cryptomator (thank you for this software) a few months ago, but today, there is an update. I am trying to update but the Aurora store keeps asking for me to buy Cryptomator, so I can’t update.

Is there a way to download directly the apk?

Thank you.

We’re still implementing the server part of the licensing system but yes, soon you’ll be able to download the apk and purchase a license on our website, read more: Cryptomator app without Google Play

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Ok, thank you, so I wait :slight_smile:
Just to be sure…there is no free version for android. Am I right? So how did I install sucessfully Cryptomator on my phone? Or did I buy it then forgot I bought it…How to check.

We first started with a free beta version (0.x.x) of Cryptomator. Since we released the 1.0.0 a few years ago there’s no free version of the android app.

Maybe you purchased it with another account and switched in the meantime to a new google account? Or you first used a Personal Account in aurora and now switched to an anonymous account? But it’s pretty strange that you got today an update which asks you to buy Cryptomator :thinking:. If you send me in a private message your google mail address, I could look if you purchased the app, maybe there is some kind of error on the Google site…

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I just sent you an e-mail to your e-mail adress I found on your website…as I couldn’t find how to send you a private message on this forum…