Cryptomator app without Google Play

Thanks, ill wait for the play store update, tbh beta2 is working fine for me, i’ve just got into the habbit of testing the latest 150 betas!

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I tried that, but my license code was not being accepted. I had to completely remove it and reinstall using the apk only, then it was accepted.

This would be great if possible, as I would like to move back to play store in the future when the released versions number match again.

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Updating to the final version with google play from the beta version without google play worked!

I forgot to use the coupon code :neutral_face: :sleepy: What can I do?

I also paid double and… I forgot to apply the coupon NOPLAYSTORE at check out for a reduction, because of excitement… That’s bad :roll_eyes:

Check your private messages, so that I can confirm the correct transaction in order to solve this. :wink:

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Another one here who paid twice, not even worried as I know it helps the devs… My gmail account / google play services in general are long gone so I’ve been on an old version for a long time waiting for the non-play store version to arrive. Finally! :grin: