Win10 - upgrade 1.3.3 to 1.3.4 - empty folder


I rebooted this morning and got the Cryaptomator 1.3.4 update notification, which I downloaded and sha256 checked (btw, where can I get the pgp sign file for the release ?!!). So far, so good.

I installed it and it started. Password : ok… Now I have an apparently empty vault… Finally, I had to revert to version 1.3.3. Another minor issue is when you right clic on the notification icon, the options appear empty yet still work (open the app & quit).

Not needing any particular help, I will simply opt out on the upgrade for the moment.

Kind regards


This is quite critical information and I’d like to follow up. So you’re saying that with Cryptomator 1.3.4 your vault is empty but downgrading to 1.3.3 it’s working fine? We’d like to reproduce the issue and it’d be great if you could help us out with more info. Would it be okay if you could do the following?

  1. Make a backup of your vault if it’s reasonable.
  2. Download and install Cryptomator 1.3.4.
  3. Enable debug mode (and restart Cryptomator).
  4. Unlock your vault.
  5. Send log file to
  6. Disable debug mode and restore Cryptomator to version 1.3.3.