Why is Cryptomator trying to connect to external Scaleway cloud address?

Hi team,

After happily using Cryptomator for quite a while now I noticed for the first time it was trying to connect to an external server (other than the update check to api.cryptomator.org). This time the connection was to 4d6e356f-cfdd-4bd3-8f00-ab903ef5aaf9.pub.instances.scw.cloud on port 443 (https).

I found two other posts about this same subject, but no explanation whatsoever about this specific external server address.

Why is Cryptomator connecting to 4d6e356f-cfdd-4bd3-8f00-ab903ef5aaf9.pub.instances.scw.cloud ?

I am using:

  • Cryptomator 1.11.0 (upgraded to 1.11.1 right after)
  • macOS Ventura 13.6.2
  • macFUSE 4.4.2


for exactly the reasons mentioned in the post you link. The domain name you mention is the CNAME record ultimately (via spiderman.skymatic.de) resolving for api.cryptomator.org. So that domain basically hosts the ‚ÄúlatestVersion.json‚ÄĚ file

nslookup api.cryptomator.org 
Non-authoritative answer:
api.cryptomator.org	canonical name = spiderman.skymatic.de.
spiderman.skymatic.de	canonical name = 4d6e356f-cfdd-4bd3-8f00-ab903ef5aaf9.pub.instances.scw.cloud.
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That makes sense, thank you for elaborating on this through the lookup results.