Which Android folder does automatic picture upload get the pictures from?

Hi all,

The automatic picture upload isn’t working on my Android device.

Is there a special folder that cryptomator gets the pictures from?


Just to clerify: You have enabled the photo upload in settings and specified a target vault?

Which pictures will be tracked depends on the Android version on you phone:

  • Nougat (API level 24 or 7.x) and later: All images, which Android adds to the gallery will be uploaded to the vault.
  • Pre-Nougat: Only the images created with the camera will be uploaded to the vault.

Could you send me a log file after creating some images? How do I enable debug mode on Android?

It would be great to be able to specify the folder. For me uploading only works when the vault is unlocked, which is fine by me

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Hi all

This is for Android 9 lineage os, opencamera from fdroid is the camera app, Oneplus 5

I have done the following:

Disable battery optimization
Lock after: never
When screen is disabled : off
Activate: on
Upload using only WiFi: off
Choose vault for upload: done and red unlock icon is showing

I take a picture and it does not show up in the folder, wait about half hour, still nothing

This could be enhanced in the near future, yes!

@eddxcwxxx just looked inside the log file, there are some pictures captured (>25 in the last 6 days). Can you please lock and unlock the vault specified for the auto upload, then the upload will start.
We got already some feedback and we’ll enhance this feature so that the pictures gets uploaded immediately when the vault is unlocked. As a next step, we’re discussing this enhancement: Automatic photo upload and automatic vault lock

Please stay tuned :slight_smile:


So I locked/unlocked the vault, and the upload started functioning.

So I tried it a few more times of unlocking/locking while taking pictures, and it stopped functioning again.

rebooted, and now it is still not functioning again,

Oh well.


This could have happened: It depends on how much the system is under load but it can take several seconds until the operating system informs us that a new picture has been taken. After I would say a maximum of 10 seconds (under normal load about 1s) after taking the picture it should be ready for upload.

If this is not the problem, maybe we could have another log file?

Another vote for being able to select a single folder (including subfolders?), because it’s a bit absurd that a file is reuploaded the moment you download it to the device from another vault…