Automatic photo upload and automatic vault lock

Was thinking about the current approach and would like to float a suggestion/propose a change

Currently the Android app allows to specify different time frames for automatically closing an open vault, this is fine and works for regular vaults. However, I think photos are different!

Regular vaults

  • do not physically exist on the local device
  • a locked vault effectively protects those files from attacking apps and users

The photo sync vault is unique

  • photos do exist locally
  • locking the vault for security reasons is pointless because an attacker can always take the photos from the local source
  • the only reason I can think of to want to automatically lock this vault is to prevent e.g. ransomware from encrypting the vault data as well, not sure how real this thread is though.

Proposal: Have a separate lock time for the photo upload vault (I think I would set it to never)


Haven’t thanked you for the feedback here from you yet…we’re just discussing this improvement.

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