What is Dokan File System Driver?

I chose not to install it when I was setting up. Is there any advantage of including it or disadvantage of excluding?

tl;dr: Use dokany if you’re not a power user. Otherwise i would suggest you try it out and if you see some crashes or other bugs regarding dokany, switch to the legacy adapter WebDAV.

The Advantage of using Dokany:

  • no max. file size limit of 4GB (due to the windows WebDAV client to provide access to your vault)
  • speed (depends, some user report that it is utterly slow on their machines)
  • higher system integration (your vault is mounted as a virtual drive, not as a network drive)

Risks: Crashes when put under high load (see here)

Advantages of WebDAV:

  • stability

Hi infeo,

For users that need all of the system stability and file integrity they can get (while performance is not needed or files larger than 4GB), could we stay with webDAV indefinitely? I.e., will it still be supported/compatible years later or will it be obsoleted at some point in the coming years?

If staying with webDAV is a viable option, is it something we update on our side as users (like Dokan), or is it updated with each cryptomator version?

Thanks for any info you can provide

I cannot say how things will look like in 10 years. But we have no plans in removing the WebDAV adapter in the near future.

WebDAV needs also be supported by third parties, but since it is a widespread and old RFC standard basically all modern OSes have built in support. By the way, the 4GB limit is because of an quirk of the windows implementation of this standard.
Therefore, it is updated with the system and/or Cryptomator. You do not need to update it.

@overheadhunter anything to add?

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