"Vault is root folder of the cloud connection" dialog shown, what to do?

If you see the following dialog

you need to choose the parent folder of this vault folder as cloud connection but let me explain what this means in an example using the local storage cloud connection but the same applies for all cloud connections.

We assume we have a vault located on the SD card under the following path /Vaults/ with the name test-vault3000 (/Vaults/test-vault3000/). We now proceed the following way:

  1. In the vault list, click + and Add existing vault
  2. Choose Local storage
  3. In the Local Storage cloud connection, select + and choose the parent folder of the vault folder, in this case Vaults (NOT test-vault3000)
  4. Click on the new created cloud location Vaults, navigate inside the test-vault3000 folder and choose the masterkey- or vault.cryptomator file.
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