URGENT! Data loss!


I’m user of Cryptomator Desktop and I have been using it without a problem until today, configured with Insync for Google Drive sync.

I was decluttering one folder in which I have my KeePass data base. And, at some point, some folders started to appear and disappear. After some minutes some of these files appeared again…but I lost my Keepass database and some digital certificates.

Update: I executed KeePass and opened the file without a problem. It’s weird, because in my file manager this file and other don’t appear… How can I make them visible?

If I lose that file, I lose important passwords (from last months).

Do you know how can I recover them? I checked in the Google Drive bin and only 5 files where there, I restored it but nothing happened.

Update 2: In my android device I can see some of these folders and files. But some of the folders appear empty :confused:

Well, I used Sanitizer to check the encrypted folder. And now I almost recovered all. Unfortunately some files are lost, seems that forever (the same files as in the Android device) :frowning:

You mean during a single session? I.e. when reloading a directory, the content changes each time?

This indicates that all files are still there, but the directory listing doesn’t seem to work.

Can you please share some details? We don’t know your setup and it is hard to find the cause of your problem without any information.

What software is involved in which versions on what operating systems? How many devices are involved? What are your sync settings? I don’t know Insync, does it sync files or provide transparent access (like Google’s File Stream or OneDrive’s Files on Demand)?

Last but not least, check your log files for warnings or errors around the time you experienced the disappearing files.

Same goes for Sanitizer: What in Sanitizer’s log file? The explanation what happened to your files is probably in there.

As a side note, I’d like to share this: