Unlocked vault does not show in finder sidebar when I use FUSE

Hi there,

I have a weird problem. My cryptomator vault (it´s called Private Documents) does not show up in the finder sidebar when I unlock it. Cryptomator offers me to show me the vault after unlocking it and I can access, view and write into the encrypted vault without any problems. It is just not showing up in the sidebar. If I go to the “My Mac” in finder it shows me my Macintosh HD, Network, all mapped network devices (if mapped) and my Private Documents Vault. I can access my vault through this link and everything works fine. It just doesnt show up in the sidebar. Note: It shows up in the sidebar if I switch from FUSE to Webdav in Cryptomator. I reinstalled FUSE already.

I use FUSE 3.10.4 and cryptomator 1.5.5.

Do you guys have any idea how to fix this?

Thank you in advance!

In “Vault Options”, try setting your vaults mount point to a “custom path”
The location is shown here in section 2. https://docs.cryptomator.org/en/latest/desktop/vault-management/

You will need to create an empty folder outside of the vault first. This will be the location you set the custom path to.

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Hi Amiga1200Gamer,

thank you for your help. It solved my problem!

Take care

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Hi Amiga1200Gamer,

sorry … false alarm. It only worked once. I changed the destination to a different folder but I had no luck. Restarting Cryptomator did not help either. I dont know if this helps but I also use Path Finder which is an alternative to Finder. The unlocked vault always appeared in there. Only finder seems to be picky.

Thanks for your help!

I have the same problem and it looks like we’re not alone. Any idea what’s causing this and how to fix it?

Maybe I am late, but I banged my head on the same thing. The solution is to add -olocal in “Custom Mount Flags”, under “Mounting” in Vault Options.
But beware, from osxfuse documentation (Mount options · osxfuse/osxfuse Wiki · GitHub)

This option marks the volume being mounted as "local". By default, macFUSE volumes are
marked as "nonlocal", which technically isn't necessarily the same as a "server" or "network"
volume, but is treated as such by the Finder in some cases. For example, the Finder may not
show "connected servers" on the Desktop or in the sidebar in some cases. If you use this option,
you can get around this "limitation". However, wait! Don't be too tempted and think local is a magic
pill that will solve all your problems. In fact, it may mess things up more than you realize. The
operating system can be more aggressive in dealing with "local" volumes (a .Trashes. directory will 
be created, for one).
You could run into mysterious problems with Disk Arbitration and other system components.
I don't know (and possibly can't know--Mac OS X isn't all open source!) the side effects of using
this option. Therefore, treat this as experimental and use with caution. Moreover, please do not file
bug reports that involve this option--reproduce your issue without this option and then file a bug

I used the local option with EncFS with no issue, but I am also working with “small” Vaults, about 2/3 Gb.