Unlocked vault does not show in finder sidebar when I use FUSE

Hi there,

I have a weird problem. My cryptomator vault (it´s called Private Documents) does not show up in the finder sidebar when I unlock it. Cryptomator offers me to show me the vault after unlocking it and I can access, view and write into the encrypted vault without any problems. It is just not showing up in the sidebar. If I go to the “My Mac” in finder it shows me my Macintosh HD, Network, all mapped network devices (if mapped) and my Private Documents Vault. I can access my vault through this link and everything works fine. It just doesnt show up in the sidebar. Note: It shows up in the sidebar if I switch from FUSE to Webdav in Cryptomator. I reinstalled FUSE already.

I use FUSE 3.10.4 and cryptomator 1.5.5.

Do you guys have any idea how to fix this?

Thank you in advance!

In “Vault Options”, try setting your vaults mount point to a “custom path”
The location is shown here in section 2. https://docs.cryptomator.org/en/latest/desktop/vault-management/

You will need to create an empty folder outside of the vault first. This will be the location you set the custom path to.

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Hi Amiga1200Gamer,

thank you for your help. It solved my problem!

Take care

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Hi Amiga1200Gamer,

sorry … false alarm. It only worked once. I changed the destination to a different folder but I had no luck. Restarting Cryptomator did not help either. I dont know if this helps but I also use Path Finder which is an alternative to Finder. The unlocked vault always appeared in there. Only finder seems to be picky.

Thanks for your help!

I have the same problem and it looks like we’re not alone. Any idea what’s causing this and how to fix it?

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