[Mac OSX] No Cryptomator drive in the sidebar of the Finder

I am using the latest version of Cryptomator (1.5.11) on Mac OSX (10.14.6) and since the upgrade the encrypted drive is no longer shown in the Finder. This means that I can no longer save directly to the drive from Outlook, for example, but must first take a route via the local hard drive. Previously, the drive was displayed as localhost in the sidebar of the Finder, but now it is no longer shown.

Thx & Bye Tom

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I have the same problem, using MacOS Big Sur 11.5.2, Cryptomator 1.5.15 and macFUSE 4.1.2. I followed this hint, but the custom folder magically disappeared after a restart, leading to errors in Cryptomator when unlocking the vault. I have no idea why the folder disappears (mount options?), but this does not seem to be reliable enough. Any ideas?