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Hi all!

i know this kind of problem has been around a lot.Unfortunately I can’t find a solution for my problem.

Since last week I have a new laptop. There I have now installed Cryptomator (1.5.8) and linked my iCloud Drive. After opening my vault I was recommended to update the vault. I did this, but unfortunately I don’t see any files in my vault anymore.

On my iPhone I still have access to my vault and there are still all files in it, so I guess the files are not gone.
I have now tried to sync my iCloud drive again with another laptop and make the files permanently available offline and then open my vault over it. Unfortunately there are no files there either.
Can anyone help me there?

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Sent you a direct message because I’m interested in the upgrade.log. I’m not that familiar with iCloud Drive on Windows but maybe there are similarities with iCloud Drive on macOS that I’d like to check.

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Update: I was able to determine that the migration of directories didn’t work even though the move operations were reported as “successful”.

For example, an upgrade of a directory looks like this:


And the move just didn’t happen. It didn’t even work when running a batch script with pure MOVE operations.

This is one of the weirdest behaviors that I have seen. It doesn’t make any sense, maybe iCloud Drive on Windows has a critical bug that I don’t know of.

If anyone is stumbling upon this issue and would like to check if it’s the same case, I would suggest to analyze the directory structure (via cmd):

cd "C:\pathToVault"
powershell -command "iex \"tree /f\" > \"tree.txt\""

Now check the tree.txt inside your vault if there are any dir.c9r files. If they are missing after an upgrade, I don’t know what to say other than to move the appropriate files to the right location (as logged in upgrade.log).

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