Several files disappear from my vault

Hi friends,
Since several years ago I’m using cryptomator properly, but now I got a big issue, several encrypted files disappear from my vault, other remain perfectly.
I did check over the container folder and due to lack of identification I’m not able to find if those files actually are there.
Any help will be welcome.
Thanks so much

It seems all files older than last April 2020 disappear

surprisingly everything comes back to normal today.
I don’t understand why, but all files are back

My wild guess is that the synchronization just “took some time” after upgrading your vault (if you did so).

I made a mistake, I opened a backup vault were I saw my files, Sadly synchronized vault still lost several files. Any idea how to fix this problem ?

Yep. Check your sync if there are files that are not synced or blocked for whatever reason.
You can also check the logfile if there are any error messages in it. But atm I’m like @tobihagemann suggesting that this could be a sync issue.

Thanks tobihagemann and Michael for your tips.
How to check logfile ?
Also, there are many folders inside Cryptomator up the sync cloud, but all has 2 characters that I don’t recognize, like N1, XC, V3, etc
How to check them ?

Open it with a text editor and look for WARN or ERROR messages.

These are your encrypted vault files.
You can check your sync client if there are any messages that files are waiting for sync.
You can also use cyberduck to acces your online files directly and have a look if your missing files are shown. If yes, there’s definitely a sync issue. If no than I’m afraid anything else has deleted them.

Hi Michael,

No error(s) in logfile
I appreciate your help

I didn’t find the way to access where my cryptomator vault is with Cyberduck.
Any help will be welcome does not offer any interface besides their own sync app.
As there are no errors in the log file, you should search the cause within the sync client. Are files in your online trash that fit to the date you mentioned?
If yes, try to restore them.
If no, I have no further idea.