Problems with copying files & closing Cryptomator

Hello, I have 3 questions about Cryptomator:

  1. When I want to copy files into a created vault I get the message “file already exists - copy or ignore”. When I “copy” I get the message “file too large”, even if it is only a few kb of size.
  2. When closing CM, I am asked to perform a “forced shut down”. Is this normal?
  3. All files in my vault are shown with size 0kb. Is this normal?

Thanks a lot, Holger.

Which version of Cryptomator do you use? Which interface? Your issues 1 and 3 sounds similar to issues that should be fixed in the latest version 1.4.10.

Your issue 2:
This message comes up if a process like explorer is still accessing the vault.
You can close all apps that might access the vault and retry or force the dismount. I never had any issues after forcing the disconnect.

Hi, I am using Version 1.4.10. Thanks for your feedback!

Hi, if I close all Explorer windows issue 2 is solved.
Issue 1 and 3 still remains. E.g. any file in the vault cannot be accessed as file has 0kb size.

What version of Cryptomator are you using? What OS? What is the name of the mount method in the settings? And does your problem also appear with a freshly created/empty vault?

Hi, I am using version 1.4.10. OS is Windows10, 64bit. The mounting method is WebDav. The problems occur always, no matter if the vault is empty or not. Thanks!

Sorry, I missed that you already reported the version.

Mhm, your problems sound very strange… Sounds for me like a misconfiguration in Windows. Can you do the following and then send me the log file (named cryptomator0.log) via a PM?

  1. Start Cryptomator
  2. enable debug mode
  3. Create a new vault & unlock it
  4. Place a file inside this unlocked vault
  5. Lock vault and exit Cryptomator

Hello, what do you mean to send you the file via a “PM”? Or should I post the content of the Logfile here as text? Sorry for that, but I am not a computer expert :wink:
Thanks a lot for your support!

PM = private Message.
Click on his profile and you’ll find the option to send him messages with attachments.

The logfile may contain sensible data, so its not recommended to post it in public without editing it.

Hello, I have looked everywhere but cannot find the option to create a PM. Sorry for asking again!

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I had a look into your log file. You are using the WebDAV-Adapter to access your unlocked vault. Due to Microsoft this Adapter has some limitations, for example that the size of your C: partition is used. Maybe this causes the “File too large” messages.

Try to install Dokany and switch to the Dokany-Adapter in the general settings of Cryptomator. Maybe this resolve your problems.