OneDrive temp files appear and remain when working on MS Office documents

Whenever I work on MS Office documents within the Cryptomator storage (that is synchronized with OneDrive) temp files appear in the folder and remain there even after closing the corresponding MS Office file. In order to get rid of these temp files I have to delete them manually. This behavior started with version 1.4.11. If I roll the software back to 1.4.10 everything works as expected again. The attached screenshot should clarify what these temp files are that I’m talking about.

P.S. The system is Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and OneDrive file on demand is turned off.

Am I really the only one with this issue?

I would like to help and tried to reproduce this, but my Office 365 does not create these tmp files, but “~abcd.xlsx” as long as the excel document is open. And this file is deleted after closing the excel document.
Maybe someone else.

Same with me. Got lots of temp files, even with LibreOffice.

I think, if I’m remembering correctly, this behaviour did not show up some versions ago.

I’m using cryptomator 1.4.15 with OneDrive on Win10 64bit and Dokany integration.

At least I’m not the only one :wink:

The described behavior was introduced with 1.4.11. I recommend rolling back to 1.4.10 (which I did) as a workaround until a fix for this issue is released.