Latest update 1.6.17 rendered Dokany and WebDAV adapters now totally unusable

I just updated to 1.6.17 and my vaults were suddenly inaccessible completely until I found some other forum posts and a Cryptomator recent update info release that explained that Cryptomator does not support the latest Dokany and has migrated now to using FUSE. I changed my settings to FUSE and now I can suddenly unlock my vaults.

When I select the Dokany adapter system, my vaults won’t even unlock.

When I select WebDAV, they unlock but copying and pasting ANY files or folders within is impossible since it runs into the Windows error, “the source file names are larger than is supported by the file system”. So they are basically dead space at that point if they can’t even be moved or opened.

What nobody has clearly answered in any post that I have seen is these three questions:

Can I get Dokany working again, is it advisable, and how would I do that (for a mid-techy but non-advanced user)?

Why doesn’t Cryptomator switch the settings in the new updates to automatically select the FUSE adapter system rather than making their users panic that their vault is locked and have to scour the internet for answers?

Is it a safe thing that Cryptomator has now migrated their program support completely to one single adapter system (FUSE) or is it completely safe to do so and I am overthinking this?


Cryptomator does not support Dokany Version 2.x. Only versions 1.x.
Maybe some other software installed a dokany version 2.x on your system? To check this please go to windows settings and search for dokany in the list of installed software. If there is a version 2.x installed, you should find out what has installed this. If you are sure no other software needs dokany 2, you can just uninstall it and install the latest 1.x version.

Cryptomator does not switch settings during an update. There are people out there who prefer Dokany 1.x or even WebDAV as virtual file system.

So Cryptomator does support 3 virtual file systems. WebDAV, dokany 1x and Fuse (WinFSP)

First of all, I actually have Dokany isntalled and yet Dokany/WebDAV are completely dysfunctional as of my update two days ago to Cryptomator 1.6.17. It would seem that there is some sort of other critical error going on with my Cryptomator which has no recognition in these forums as of yet. Any help would be appreciated. I already reinstalled Cryptomator and it did nothing to help the issue.

Secondly, you claim Cryptomator “supports” Dokany and WebDAV and yet they don’t support the latest version of Dokany for going on a year now. It would seem more appropriate to say that Cryptomator “used to” support Dokany and that said support is quickly becoming a relic of the past since it stops at v1.

I was on 1.6.16 and having no problems with Fuse or Dokany,
To test this combination of Cryptomator and Dokany, I installed 1.6.17 and that still works with Fuse as well as with Dokany.
I am running with Dokan Library (x64).
So it could be that, as Michael suggested, you have a Dokany 2.* somewhere running.

But to be honest, looking at this benchmark, it would be nice if Dokany 2.* was supported.

I have now triple checked and the Dokany library that I previously listed is certainly the only one installed on my device. No other program that I use makes use of Dokany anyway.

Yeah, no idea why they suddenly stopped supporting Dokany; they really did a horrible job of explaining this to their users that leaves more questions and problems than answers.

The latest supported version is You should try if an update solves your issues.

Oh wow, it worked! Thank you so much. My Dokany decrypt is up and running again. I’m fairly certain that Cryptomator was the program that installed Dokany on my system in the first place, which makes it weird that they would not be updating my Dokany library along the way even to a point where they no longer support the version of Dokany that they had installed on my system in the first place. Well, hopefully this post helps anyone else who defaults into non-functioning outdated Dokany with the latest Crytomator update.