Is it possible to restrict the camera upload to the actual camera folder?

I configured the automatic photo upload to upload only the photos in this one folder (internal memory/dcim/Camera). In that folder are roughly 500 files.
What happens is that the photo upload starts uploading thousands of photos from (SD-Card/Fotos/…) and uploads all of them into the one Cryptomator folder. I started deleting all photos which are from other folders. But this is cumbersome and additionally - after I deleted them, Cryptomator uploads the same files again. So this will probably be a never ending story.

I checked the options, but do not find anything in that direction. Did I overlook something?



You didn’t overlook anything, the feature is extremely frustrating.

Worse, if you download a photo from a vault to your download folder, it will be re-uploaded to your automatic photo vault, generating duplicate files.

All of this could have been solved by allowing the user to choose one or more folders to allow automatic uploads from. Even the choice between 1 folder and all folders would be a massive improvement.


Unfortunately, it is not possible. This has been requested a long time ago and is demanded by users frequently. However, it doesn’t seem like this is or was in development focus recently…

@SailReal Can you please provide an update on this?

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I can only second that request.