Please provide possibility to define additional folders for Automatic Photo Upload

I would like to have the possibility to define the folders individually that should be considered by Automatic Photo Upload feature. Currently all images on the mobile phone will be uploaded, but I only want to backup my own photos/images made with the Smartphone camera and not images from messengers like WhatsApp etc. Most of those images are in bad quality due to compression or I am simply not interested to backup them.

It is ok to consider all images by default for Automaic Photo Upload, but I am really missing an additional option in the settings menu to define additional folders or deactivate some of them like it is possible in Microsoft OneDrive app.

Thank you for your great work and I really appreciate your effort!

Thanks for your feedback.

This feature request is tracked in

I will have a look into the Onedrive app but I really like how the Nextcloud app handles this: If a picture is stored in a new folder, a one time notification is displayed if this folder should be used as well for the auto upload.

Edit: Also the folder structure should be kept in the cloud, see