How do I enable Recycle Bin for the encrypted files?

Hi. Anybody still have any luck with this now on Win10? I tried manually, and with .reg file, nothing works. Thanks.

Just for clarification:

The workaround described by the OP can only work, if WebDAV is selected in the tab “Virtual Drive” of the general preferences. The default setting is not WebDAV.

As another remark: I cannot say if this still works.

That’s a bummer. Thanks for your help.

Because the discussion popped up on our issue ticker:

If you are using Windows and Dokany, there is actually a way to enable the recycle bin. Activate in the vault options the custom mount option checkbox and add --options MOUNT_MANAGER to the textfield (if --options is already present, just add the flag separated with a comma).

Afterwards, deleted files should be visible in the recycle bin.

:warning: But: This is an untested feature, do it at your own risk. On the other hand, report back if there are any drawbacks or problems, so other people considering it know about them. And who knows, if its stable, maybe it will be the default option.

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Nice! So easy to enable, too!

Works for the most part. What it does not do: restore a file if it was removed and after that it’s folder and it’s grandparent folder were removed as well: ‘location not available, a connected device doen’t work’.

You have to restore the grandparent folder first.

Also - I suppose this can’t be fixed because of the way the encryption works - in the vault’s $RECYCLE.BIN folder from time time you have to remove by hand the leftover files that contain the removed files info.

And - no pressure! - I feel a bit nasty :grimacing: to remark/ask: would be nice if Android had this as well. It’s appearing on more apps nowadays.

Hi all, a polite bump on this thread!

The earlier methods don’t seem to work with WinFsp, and the last method is for Dokany which is on its way out.

I’m using WinFsp (local drive, so it works with wsl), and would love to have recycle bin support. Anyone have windows bin integration working under WinFsp? Thanks

Did you ever get WinFSP recycle bin working?

No, unfortunately, and no responses as you see. I ended up just changing my workflows… e.g., in my photo sorting, I “move to folder” instead of delete, etc. Would love to hear if you fix it.

There’s a feature request for this, maybe give it a bump?

Oh, this is wonderful. This approach really worked for me. I also followed the same procedure and solved my problem. I have struggled with this problem many times and you solved it very easily in a very short time.