How can I change my password?


The password can be changed by right-clicking on a vault while it is locked. Currently, it’s not possible to change the password while the vault is unlocked.


The password can be changed by clicking on the arrow down by a vault.

I can’t reset my password on my Android. The drop down window doesn’t give me the option to change. Nexus5x device Nougat 7.1.2

I see this post is old, if I should report the case i found out, please let me know.
I decided to write here since I found out this page during searching for changing password for the vault.

Procedure you explained here is working perfectly, but I wanted to check if I somehow can unlock the vault with old password, and it’s possible, not sure if this should work for security reasons.
Please note I’m not an expert.

Case explanation:

  1. Creating new vault, setting the password.
    masterkey.cryptomator is generated, I saved a copy of this file on other place as a backup.

  2. Unlock the vault, put some file there.

  3. Decided to change the password.
    New masterkey.cryptomator is generated.

  4. Unlock the vault using new password.

  5. Put some new files there.

  6. Lock the vault.

Now I decided to overwrite the masterkey.cryptomator with the one from backup, that should contain my old password.
This si working.

So I was able do decrypt my vault using my old password, both files was there, one that I put before changing password and one I put in vault after I changed the password.

I’m aware there is much deeper reasons that something like this is possible, otherwise all files in the vault have to be re-encrypted using new password.

So I presume if you changing the password because someone stole it, it is probably best solution to create the new vault and copy file there instead changing password for existing vault.

Please let me know what you guys think about this.

Best Regards,

Check out this topic:

In short: Changing the password does not mean that the contents are being reencrypted. This functionality just gives you the option to change the password for the same underlying masterkey. If you’d like to generate a new masterkey, you have to create a new vault.