Google Drive could not be authenticated via microg

Hi @Michael , I ran into an additional problem. When I try to authenticate to Google Drive with microg, I am able to add the account, but within cryptomator, I receive an error “Google Drive could not be authenticated”. I am able to logout of the account from within cryptomator, and also able to log in to the account again from within cryptomator as it appears in the account selection list, but I receive the authentication failure message whenever I try to create a vault

Hi. what is “microg”?

A free-as-in-freedom re-implementation of Google’s proprietary Android user space apps and libraries

This is used for open source ROM’s of Android as a compatibility layer to the proprietary Google Play services. One authenticates to google through microg rather than Google Play services

ok, I have no experience with this. Someone else might have.

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@josjunior can you please enable debug mode, reproduce the problem and send us the log file? How do I enable debug mode on Android?

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@SailReal Apologies for the late reply here. I have just sent over the logs generated from the debug report from within the Android app. It appears the issue is still occurring, even with the most recent apk from the cryptomator website.

Please let me know if there is any other way I may be able to help