De-googled phone with no Google Account has no Google Drive option

I paid for a Cryptomator Android app license hoping that I could use a de-googled phone with no Google account configured within the Android OS, but when navigating in the Cryptomator android app, there is no option for Google Drive. Does this app require having a Google Account associated with the Android OS for the Google Drive option to be made available in the app?

I was thinking there would be a way to authenticate into Google Drive from within the app without needing a Google Account associated with the Android OS, but I am no longer sure this is the case

Hi. Do you use the F-DROID version?

If you want to have google drive supported you’ll have to use the APK download from the website, or play store.

Hi @Michael , now I see the Log in to Google Drive when using the APK download, so thanks for the tip. Originally, I setup the f-droid repo following the instructions and did install the app through f-droid. Out of curiosity, why does the f-droid version not include Google Drive?

see the linked post:

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Thanks for the link to the info!

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