First Beta of Cryptomator 1.5.0

Since we have finalized the new vault format, we are now pleased to announce the availability of 1.5.0-beta1, which can be downloaded here. Not many new features, mostly under-the-hood improvements and new localizations.

Needless to say, we strongly recommend making backups. :wink:

We’re also working on compatibility for our mobile apps to use the new vault format.


The new beta is working great and - more importantly - looks great.

One problem though. It was late, I wasn’t really watching what is going on… now I can’t access files from iOS. Do you have a roadmap on updating TestFlight to a version that can support the new vault format?

Without naming any dates, we’ll release a beta version for iOS via TestFlight as soon as possible. The implementation is mostly done so it’s really not that far away. For anyone interested, same goes for the Android app, we’ll release a beta version there as well.


Great to hear, going to test it with google drive file stream. I don’t expect much success but it’s worth a try, thanks for making this awesome program.

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That’s awesome! Do you have a signup page or are you just going to throw a link up here?


Just out of interest in there a technical reason that the new version doesn’t have a start with Windows option?

this is on the roadmap:

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It’s done :tada: also the Android 1.5.0 beta version is released and does support the basic operations of vault format 7. The support for long file names will be added in the next beta update in a few days. Apart of that, we introduce a few other features and fixes (the most important):

  • Added offline cache
  • Added option to lock vault immediately when Cryptomator is closed or in background
  • Added possibility to close the vault while a file is open after the timeout of the vault (changes may get lost)
  • Fixed and improved auto photo upload (e.g., after device reboot or on Android 10 under certain conditions)
  • Improved general stability

You can test this version by subscribing to our beta channel. We’re really interested in your feedback!