Auto photo upload

Auto photo upload is implemented and can be used starting version 1.4.0-beta1.

In Settings --> Automatic photo upload using the Activate toggle, the auto photo upload can be enabled. If it is activated, all photos taken or saved from now on will be marked for upload.
With the Choose vault for upload setting, the target vault and folder of the upload can be specified. With the Upload only using WIFI setting, photos will be uploaded just if the phone has an active WIFI connection, otherwise also using the internet connection of the phone.

After unlocking the vault, all photos will be uploaded into the vault.

Version 1.4.0-beta1 will be published in the next few days.
If not already done, you can join our beta but be aware that this is still a beta feature.


Should the current beta upload photos automatically unter Android 10?
Purchased recently, set up auto photo uploads but it did not work on my Pixel 3a w/ Android 10 - Dec. 2019
Joined beta today and updated Cryptomator to beta, checked settings, rebooted. It does not upload new photos.

Any hints?

Merry Xmas!

It should work, does it upload the photos if you unlock the vault?

Merry :christmas_tree:


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Could you send us your log file: How do I enable debug mode on Android?

Hopefully that helps to find out what is happening on your device :sweat_smile:

Will do!

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Would be great to be able to specify the source folder

I agree.
I’ve got a bunch of folders with jpg png dng files.
Not everything from the folder structure is supposed to be ending in the same folder.

Anyways, automatic uploading does not work for me currently.

Just created a feature request for this on github:

Did you already send a log file to us?

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I could not match a mail to your user. We get quite a lot of support requests, some of them only with the log file and without reference to anything, can you send me your mail address in a private message or when exactly you sent the mail?