Files disapear after creation

Dear all
I have a strange but also quite serious problem. I’m using Cryptomator on Elemantary OS, and sometimes when I save or copy a file, the new file disappears after a couple of seconds. I can’t figure out why - it seem that a folder sometimes doesn’t allow new files, later everything can be okay again. When I observed it, the filename often contained numbers, but I don’t know if that’s the issues.
As I don’t use Windows that often, I don’t know if it’s also a problem there, but I have confirmed that the disapearing files, also are missing there. The really strange thing is, that I can see and download the missing files through the Android app.
Have anyone else experienced this and know a solution?

These are some… disturbing news :sweat_smile:

When you enable debug mode, reprdouce the above behaviour on elementary OS and look into the log file, is there anything suspicious? (Like a WARN or ERROR message)

Does this also appear on a local vault?

Can you see all files via ls -a? If they disappear with a weird delay, this might be a UI problem…?

I can’t see the files from terminal either. The delay is probably only visually, as I have to refresh the file manager to see the disappearance.

I managed to replicate it, by copying then renaming a file to include numbers, afterwards the file went missing.

There some “WARN …lng could not be inflated.” warnings, but I can’t say if it’s in relation to this.
I can’t see any errors or warnings in direct relation to the newly disappeared file. But I can see the file in the Android app.

I haven’t had any luck replicating it locally yet. On Elementary I use Insync for google sync, don’t know if that’s the problem. I never had any issue with it before I used Cryptomator.

Any ideas what the problem could be? :slight_smile: Can I provide some other data to help solve it?

do you have files on demand activated in insync? If yes, does this behaviour change if you deactivate it?

I got currently no idea what the reason for this behaviour is, but you can do the following:

  1. Start Cryptomator and activate debug mode
  2. Create a fresh vault
  3. Create a single file in the vault containing numbers (or in such a way that it fails)
  4. Close the application

You can upload the logfile on and send me a download link via a private message.
My other question is, is in the directory where your vault is stored a file created? There should be one under path/to/vault/d/[two characters]/[more random characters]/[a file without extension]