Does cryptomator have any mega support?



im using windows10 - ipad - and android (mobile) with
i installed cryptomator ; and did encrytp some of my files. and check it on my pad and mobile = which i pay money them to use app on pad and mobile phone :frowning: = when i login first android cryptomator ; i cant find any connection ; so i cant acces my files on mobile … i dont know in apple store does cryptomator app let us to connect our cloud ?

im beginner in this work. i understand some kind of …
i try with google drive its okay.
or i try with dropbox again its okay.
but i cant did it with …

can you tell me what should i do ? = this product have any acces with

thank you for reading.


Not for the mobile apps, as does not offer WebDAV support. Please see here.
This applies to iOS and Android app as well.


Thank you for answering my question. have a nice day Michael…


I am also new to Cryptomator and was searching for something similar on FinancePolice. Thanks for sharing it. Thanks XoXo


i also recently started using cryptomater. as far as i know cryptomater for IOS doesnt support